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Penny Pines Information

Penny Pines Form (printable copy)

Your Garden Club can participate in a meaningful and practical conservation project by contributing $68.00 to Penny Pine plantation as part of the costs of replanting replacement and/or trees indigenous (Not Just Pine Trees) to a particular damaged area, whether by fire or by other natural catastrophe. You may designate a specific State you wish to have benefit from this contribution.

Under a Conservation agreement, the Forest Service will do the planting, using your donation together with Federal funds, and will provide to the plantation the same protection from fires, insects, and disease given other forested areas.

For each $68.00 contribution, you will receive a Penny Pines Certificate from National Garden Clubs, Inc. made “In Honor of: ____” or “In Memory of: ____” a special someone who has made a difference in the world, just by being in it. (Certificates will be issued according to information listed on the form below).

The plantations are a part of the regular National Forest reforestation program planted on burned-over and brush-covered areas which are potentially productive timberlands. Planting sites are selected by the Supervisor of each National Forest. These plantations provide soil protection, watershed protection, soil stabilization, future harvestable timber, as well as beauty and shade for recreation.

Donating to the Penny Pines Reforestation / Forest Education Program:

Have participants make checks payable to GCFM, Inc.

1.       Complete the form below and mail to the address below:
Louise Hannington
22 Woodcliff Rd.
Canton, MA 02021

2.       If you have any questions please contact Louise at 781-760-1688 or

Penny Pines Form

Name of Club: ________________________________________   Date: _________________


District: _____________________________________________    State: _________________


Total $ amount being sent: $________


Sent by (Name): ________________________________     Phone No: ___________________


Address: ______________________________________     City: _______________________


State:  ________________________________________     Zip +4_________________



If an increment of $68, complete the following:


Natl. Forest this donation is to benefit: ____________________________________________


Please make this certificate:   In Honor of: _________________________________________


                                                In Memory of: _______________________________________