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501(C) 3 Annual Renewal

GCFM 501(C)(3) Umbrella Status Renewal

Important: This form must be received by October 1, 2016

501(C)3 Application Form 2016

As a 501(C)(3) club under the Federation umbrella, you must submit a simple annual financial report together with any address or contact changes to the Federation by October 1 of each year.


To renew your 501(C)(3) status with the Federation you must:

  1. Already be under the Federation umbrella.
  2. Either use the renewal form above or send a letter to the Federation with the following information by October 1 of the current calendar year:

    1. Name of your club and the Club’s EIN (Employee Identification Number – looks like social security number)

    2. The name of a contact person who can answer financial questions, and that person’s contact information.

    3. Any address or contact person changes from previous year.

  1. A copy of the income and expense or profit and loss statement for the previous year (like taxes, you send it in for the year that has just passed). This statement should show what money has come into your club and from what sources, and what money has been spent and in what categories.  This is not a copy of your checking account statement.
  2. Clubs are required to file an 990N e-postcard with the IRS.  Failure to file with the IRS will lead to the IRS removing you from the Federation’s tax-exempt umbrella.
  3. If your club’s gross income from projects, cash donations, dues, etc., is over $50,000, you must file the IRS 990 EZ forms with the Federal Government.  A copy of the filing must be included with the information you send to the Federation.
  4. No filing fee is required.

Mail to:  The Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts, Inc

   Attn: Second Vice President

   219 Washington Street

  Wellesley Hills, MA 02481


501(C) (3) Umbrella Renewal Information


Club’s name

Club’s EIN

Mailing address

Is this the same mailing address as last year?         

(circle one)         Yes                No  

Contact person

Contact information – phone #                                       

                                   Email address

Is this the same contact person from last year?        

(circle one)         Yes              No   

Please attach a copy of your income and expense statement for the previous  fiscal year  (July 1, 2014 - June 30, 2015)    

Income was over $50,000 (If yes, include a copy of your  IRS 990-EZ form)

(circle one)    Yes        No