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Helen Freidberg


One scholarship will be awarded each year for EACH of the NGC schools held in Massachusetts - Landscape Design, Garden Study School, Flower Show School and Environmental Study School.

1. An applicant must be a member of a Federated Club and may apply to any school in any given year in the following manner: An application form must be filled out by the applicant and signed by the President of her club. It is submitted to the Chairman of the Helen D. Freidberg Tribute Scholarship Committee by May 1st of the calendar year.

2. Only one member per club permitted in any course.

3. The Schools must be held in Massachusetts.

4. The applicant may not be a previous recipient of the scholarship.

5. The scholarship is a one time award.

6. The scholarship awarded covers only tuition. Books, lodging, travel and incidentals are not covered.

7. The scholarships will be awarded at the GCFM Annual Meeting and must be used in the current fiscal year. Schools beginning before the Annual meeting will be covered.

8. One scholarship for each school will be awarded.