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Civic Development and Historic Grant Information





Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts, Inc.


Purpose: To encourage member garden clubs to pursue community improvement and historic

preservation projects by providing seed money grants for new or a new phase of an on-going, permanent, planting project. Completed projects, plantings at commercial sites and

requests solely for yearly maintenance costs are not eligible.


The Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts approved setting aside $2000 each year for Civic Development/Historic Preservation grants to state garden clubs for local projects.  The Committee will fund up to four applications annually.


Procedure: Submit six (6) copies of the application no later than July 15 to:

                  Nancy Hubert, 1010 Waltham St, Lexington, MA 02421

1) Clubs receiving grants are expected to take an active role in completing their projects.

2) Clubs have one year after the official notification of their award at the GCFM Fall Conference to complete their projects and must provide photos of progress made on the project and a one-page report showing expenditures and improvements by October 1 of the following year.

3) Grant money cannot be transferred to another project.

4) Clubs who do not submit this report will be asked to return their grants. A one-year extension may be arranged if the report substantiates its need.

5) Winning clubs are not eligible to apply for a new project until 3 years after receiving a previous award.


Civic Development Grants are made for new or on-going projects that garden clubs will help maintain. A long-term maintenance plan must be included.

Examples of appropriate projects:

  1. Municipal planting projects, including traffic islands, parks, etc.

  2. Landscaping at schools, memorial halls, libraries

  3. Plantings of labeled trails at nature preserves


    Historic Preservation Grants are given for new or on-going projects designed to preserve the past in the context of the present. Grants are awarded for improvement of sites that are of historic importance to the local community. Approval of site owners is necessary, if appropriate. Preference is given to accurate period plans that are practical for current uses of the property. A long-term maintenance plan must be included. Examples of appropriate projects:

  4. Restoration of landscaping at a historic building/property in your community

  5. Projects undertaken with local Historic Preservation groups

  6. Creation of a garden that is site appropriate and authentic to a particular significant historic period


    Application information is available on the federation website,



    NANCY HUBERT (781-861-0798),




    This page revised June 25, 2015




    The application should not be longer than seven sides, including the cover page. Please do not use folders.


    1. COVER PAGE (Must include the following information in this order)


    CIVIC DEVELOPMENT & HISTORIC PRESERVATION GRANTS (Circle which grant you are applying for.)

    Club Name:                                                                           City:

    Club President:

    Number of Members In Club:                                            District:

    Contact Person:                                                                    Title:

    Street Address:                                                                     City:

    State:                                                                                      Zip Code:

    Telephone:                                                                             Email:

    Project Title:

    Amount Requested:



    2. BODY of the proposal: please describe:

  • Existing site conditions: Color photos and brief narrative

  • Purpose of project:

  • Proposed changes: Plan of site and planting plan, including relevant structures.

                            It is helpful to draw the plan to a scale: for example, 1” = 100’ or 1/4” = 1’

  • Ways your project fulfills the purpose of the grant:

                                    Historic Preservation

                                    A. Importance of historic site to community

                                    B. Appropriateness and accuracy of plan to the period of time you are representing.

    Please indicate whether this is a restoration of a historic garden that actually existed at one time or a creation of a garden that never existed on site, but is authentic to a particular significant historic period. Include information on how this project fits into an existing master plan for the property, if one exists.                 

                                    C. Explanation of how changes will enhance use of site


                                    Civic Development

                                    A. Importance of site to community

                                    B. Appropriateness of planting design to style of surrounding buildings and landscape

                                    and to viewpoint of the intended audience (from the road, from a rooftop….)

                                    C. Suitability of plant selection for site conditions


  • Budget for installation: (Sample budget below)

    A. Cost of plants:                                   


Qty of Plants

Plant Name

Plant Size


Price per Plant   



Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’

1 gal




B.Cost of other materials: (Contractors’ estimates are acceptable. This chart is provided as an example of a useful format for garden clubs making their own calculations.)



Standard of


Price Per Unit

Total Amount Needed



4.5 per square

foot @ 60¢ per brick

$2.70 per sq. ft.


100 sq. ft.



(depends on need)

$25.00 per cu. yd

3 cu. yds.



To cover 108 sq.

ft. 3” deep

$30.00 per cu. yd.


1 cu. yd.



                                C. List of all donated funds and materials. (Include as much information as possible,                                                                                             including source, description, and monetary value of donation.)

                                D. Estimated costs of labor provided by an outside contractor

                                E. Description of garden club participation in installation phase


  • Maintenance plan showing club participation

                                    A. Yearly costs of supplies such as replacement plants, annuals, mulch, and fertilizer

    B. Hours of labor estimated to perform maintenance tasks such as watering, deadheading, pruning, and spring/fall clean-ups

    C. Hours of volunteer labor and contracted labor   

    (This page Revised October 10, 2005)