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Book of Evidence Information

 The Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts, Inc.

 Book of Evidence







1.  GCFM has a new application form and procedure for applying for awards.  The application form contains topics to be addressed along with any supporting photographs.  There is a three (3) page limit, using only the front of the page.  Binders and vinyl sheet protectors are no longer required or allowed.  Applications will not be returned.


Applications may be submitted electronically to the State Awards Chairman.


Applications are available on the GCFM website and from the State Awards Chairman.


The new application should not be used for Awards of Excellence or Flower Show Achievement Awards.


  1. Fill out the application completely.  There are 6 points listed on the application and any requirements for specific awards.


  1. Pages two (2) and three (3) should include the following:


    1. Photographs and scanned materials
    2. Progressive pictures (before, during, after with captions)
    3. Publicity clippings
    4. Design plans if available and applicable





1. The Book of Evidence has 10 pages front and back, not counting the application form.
2. Attach an envelope to the inside back cover for the Flower Show schedule and evaluation forms.
3. Fill out in duplicate State Award Application Forms and NGC’s Standard Flower Show Application Forms when applying for NGC Flower Show Awards.
4. The label for the cover of the Book of Evidence includes: Award number and name, name of state, name/s of sponsoring organizations, and the show site (city and state.)
5. Requirements for the Book of Evidence:
a. Title page
b. Table of contents
c. Description of Flower Show (300 words or less)
d. NGC’s Show Data Form ( available on NGC website)
e. Schedule (one copy only) in inside back envelope
f. Photographs, all labeled with descriptions include theme staging and Top Exhibitor Award winning exhibits.
g. Publicity
h. Distinction (evidence of creative staging, unity, special features)
i. Conformance to requirements and sequential order.