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Award Rules

The Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts, Inc.



1. Awards Year: January 1st to December 31st annually, unless award states otherwise.
2. Eligibility: Only clubs that are members of The Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts, Inc. are eligible to apply.
3. Deadline: December 1st annually. All applications and supporting evidence must be in the hands of the state awards chairman on or before this date.

EXCEPTIONS: Applications must be received by July 1st for Award I, Arbor Day; Award II-B, The President’s Bowl; Award II-E, Civic Development and Historic Preservation Grants; Award III-C, Norma Zettler “For Love of Birds” Award; Award IV-U, Polly Povall Small Standard Flower Show Award; Award IX-A, Program Awards: The Evelyn D. Cronin Horticultural Award; and Award XIV, The Barbara May Website Award. Applications must be received by January 25th for Award X-B, Publicity Press Book is due on January 25th.
4. Application Forms
All applications shall be on the State Awards Application Form.
5. Source of Forms: Download application forms from the GCFM website.
6. Number of Applications: The Federation Awards Committee will consider only one application from a club for each award category. Clubs may apply for state, NE region and national awards for the same project providing application forms are submitted. EXCEPTIONS: Application is not required for Awards IV-L, IV-M, IV-N, IV-O, IV-P, IV-S, IV-T, VIII, and XIII-C.
7. Number of Awards Granted: Each GCFM club may receive all awards merited in any given year, provided all qualifications are met. The same award may not be presented to a club for two consecutive years except for IV. Flower Show Awards.

8. All applications except Flower Show Award Applications will be judged based on NGC’s National Awards Rule #9: Presentation 5 pts, Achievement 65 pts, Participation 15 pts, and Record or Documentation 15 pts.


The GCFM Board voted that the trophies will not be given to the clubs.  They will receive a picture of the trophy with their Certificate.  The trophy can be borrowed for a special event.